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Date created: 2016
License: Curacao, Malta
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For several years, online gambling adapted dynamic changes due to newly-released innovations incorporated into online casino games. Now, Casino players can engage in a casino anywhere through the use of mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablet. They can now enjoy spinning the wheel and playing in a casino at their own comfort. Excellent online casinos are striving to be better for the next big things. Gaming software developers such as Net Entertainment, Playtech, and Microgaming, joined this futuristic endeavor and improved their products and services by offering current and pioneering gameplay, design and graphics, new Codeta bonus and free spins.

Some say it’s progressive if they increase the jackpot prize or make use of the advanced 3D technology. Little they know that progress is allowing your previous state to become better. This could mean by upgrading the game portfolio, improve operation and releasing likable software. But one thing is for sure, most casinos will adapt and change through the test of time. Just like Codeta Casino, no matter how perfect the operations now, it can still be better. So what are the 9 most innovative feature casino games will have in the future?

1. Progressive Jackpots

Some of the online casinos take pride in using progressive jackpot slots. However, in the future, many casino experts predict the popularity of jackpot slots because some casino operators think that this is the best way to attract customers. They will give casino gamblers exciting names and thrilling deals to a point where someone can feel they are already going home with millions frequently. Topnotch jackpot slots are the thing of the future!

2. Live Dealer Casinos

This will bring a new level of gaming experience. The live dealer casinos will let players feel they are in the constructed building rather than online. It offers a thrilling online gaming environment for gamblers who don’t have chances to go to a real one. One innovation of live dealer games in the future is playing it through a virtual reality to make a comprehensive experience. You can talk to the dealer and players through a virtual reality which eliminates the use of a live chat box. This will also gather all the professional dealers and players because they now think technology can just let them compete with each other in one setting. Supporting the technology of live dealer casino will keep on improving and we might not know we can play them through our watches.

3. Mobile Casinos

Online gambling started with the use of desktop or laptop computers, but as technology progresses, mobile casino gambling become possible. In the future, other mobile devices are developed and it might still be compatible with online casinos. Also, developers take advantage of technology by combining it with their creativity in order to release fast games with adjustable screens. We can see more of mobile casinos in the future and the popularity of online casinos played on desktops and laptops will lessen.

4. 3D Games

3D games will become popular and rampant in the future. The reason for this is the advancement of technology and the popularity of mobile casinos. People will also look for enticing casino games which fit the trend. And with the access to high-technology devices, people will shift their preference and will choose a game that is distinct and new to the eyes of many. This is my 3D online casino games will be a thing of the future. It will give the casino players a one-of-a-kind experience. You can with this via future mobile devices.

5.   Multiple Screen Slots

The edge of an online casino than the land-based casino is you can play using multiple screen slots. In a land-based casino, you need to only play one slot at a time because you can’t leave until the result is out. But in using mobile technology, you can simultaneously play and probably get big chances in winning bigtime jackpots. This can be improved in the future with the use of the rising accessibility in technology. Infinite multiple screens will be played in the future!

6. Bitcoin

We are now in the digital age of online banking, and gone those days that we need to pay real cash. There are new banking methods to make payments easier like NeTeller, Paysafecard, and Skrill. Online casinos are quick to adapt to these new services and eliminates the hassle of paying through cards. However, these services now also allow the transfer of Bitcoin. This is a cryptocurrency that might replace real cash in the future. There are some casinos now that accept Bitcoin as payments but in the near future casinos might overhaul and only accept payments through Bitcoin.

7.  Storytelling

In the recent years, slots remained to be one of the top choices casino players love to play in a casino. It is undeniable that these slots can bring fortunes to any players if their luck works well. With this popularity, it does not mean that slots will not experience improvement. Developers are thinking of utilizing storytelling on slots to make casino gamblers to engage and would really feel the fun and forget that they are spending money unto it. So instead of watching repeated symbols all throughout, the developer must place a plot to follow with characters and trails. There are some casinos implementing those now, but in the future, expect that most slots will have this. And those conventional slots will be obsolete.

8.  Licensed Games

Online casino is a lucrative business. That’s why there are many unregistered online casinos with unlicensed games because they only think about profit. It is one of the serious problems facing gaming authority. They want to regulate all casinos and tighten its rule. Without a license, these casinos should not operate. It is for the welfare of the players to protect them from scam and illegitimate transactions. Hopefully, in the coming years, all the released casino games are licensed and regulated because of stricter laws.

9.   Diversified Gaming Portfolio

Codeta Online Casino is known for its live dealer games. In fact, it was named the top casino for delivering quality and entertaining casino games, not only with live dealer games but with other games as well. But upon looking to its game selection, you can notice the website only spent their attention on live dealer games and offers limited choices on other game categories such as slots, card games, poker and video poker. To remain in the top position, Codeta Sweden Casino must innovate and diversify its gaming portfolio which can be expected in the future. Casino market is highly competitive and I am pretty sure Codeta will not be indifferent to these changes. Once Codeta diversified its gaming portfolio, there is no online casino who can stop them from claiming the top spot!

Hopefully, Codeta Online Casino will implement all these innovative features and ideas into their system. This will really help them stay at the top in becoming the best online casino in the web or in mobile.