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Hey! My name is Jurgen. I’m a 30 years old Gynecologist who happens to love casinos and giving my opinion about them.

I have written this review because I had the chance to come across the casinoroom mobil app and I felt the need to communicate my great experience with other casino lovers like myself.

If you’re new to the online casino world there are a few things you need to know – and that they don’t tell you at the casinos. Behind every great game, there are great developers and software engineers working on the clock to keep them running smoothly and innovating every day to meet the market’s high standards. Such companies work for different casinos and are constantly searching for casino online platforms to promote their games.

Casinoroom Casino Review

Occasionally, different software companies’ games are found together at one particular casino room, and when they do, it’s because the company that runs the casino is very respectable, centered on customer service, and committed to giving the players the highest quality experience available when it comes to online gambling. Such is the case of casinoroom casino.

Three of the more respectable casino gaming software developers in the world are NetEnt, Microgaming, and Betsoft, and they have all trusted casinoroom casino with their game licenses to provide our gambling online community with just the best in gaming, and at a very high RTP rate.

Speaking of which – and given the fact that you’re new to all this stuff – Do you know what RTP means?

The Return To Player (RTP) rate is how you measure the probability of returnability of the money that is inserted in a machine – say, a slot machine. It indicates the percentage in which the software is programmed to return prizes to the gamblers.

So, a machine with a 70% RTP by the end of its cycle should be giving away prizes for $70,000 for every $100,000 it had received. That means it’s a matter of choosing the right machine, the one that is about to explode. Now, read carefully for the great part of this story: the slot machines from the developers hosted by casinoroom online casino have RTP’s of 90% and higher! Keep in mind that all these sites are being monitored by the authorities so, these RTP’s are guaranteed!

Remember too that the casinoroom bonus is available for everyone. You don’t need to get special promo codes while registering since they’re there for every single person that signs in. They often offer bonuses that may vary in range according to the amount of money you enter with, but they’re easy to spot right in their homepage to let you increase your chances of winning. Now, when it comes to casinoroom free spins, they have a lot of machines that give away opportunities to play for free. Remember that – when you’re playing and you get a free spin – the last bet you made is repeated at no cost for you during the times awarded by that play. That’s usually determined by how many Free Spin symbols you get in the reels and where they land. All of these rules are thoroughly described in each game’s instructions, and casinoroom also has a great FAQ section to address any doubt you could come across while playing with their games.

The casinoroom sweden is one of the most visited by online casino players. It is the best choice in the area to have a great time at the slots. From the comfort of your own living room PC or Mac, the convenience of the mobile app, or hanging out with your tablet in the park while taking a break, it is a great option to spend a few hours testing your luck and wisdom.


Safe and Comfortable

Talking about comfort, isn’t that nice to save all that gas money and having to drive off to the brick-and-mortar casinos? It is sure a relaxing experience to be able to play with your favorite slot machines and spinning that reels as much as you want without having to present there. Even now, as I’m writing this casinoroom casino online review, I can hear the great sound of my coins entering – I have set one of the slot machines in autoplay mode and left the sound running to hear that- and enjoy all the benefits of beating the stakes wearing my pajamas and under my cozy hand-made quilt my mom made when I left for college a few years ago. I don’t know if there’s a chance any casino could top this kind of experience when it comes to comfort.

So, now that you have decided to go online and test your luck, you have a lot more pieces of advice available online. There are plenty of other reviews for casinos and they all have different things to offer. Should you find yourself wanting one that provides you with great entertainment, a wide variety of games, deposit bonuses, and free spins – protected by the highest levels of online security for your earnings – you know there’s casinoroom casino to go to. But don’t get the experience just for yourself! Do like me and write a review online after you’ve tasted their games and delightful environment and interface.